Nine Pound Hammer
Key of G

     G                                                            C
1.  This nine pound hammer is a little too heavy
             G     D                     G
For my size, honey, for my size.

G                                                 C
Roll on buddy, don't you roll so slow.
                  G   D                                  G
How can I roll when the wheels won't go?
     G                                                       C
2.  Now this old hammer has cut more bedrock
                   G      D                G
Than an be told, than can be told.
     G                                                                C
3.  Now here ain't one hammer down in this tunnel
                         G       D                     G
That rings like mine, that rings like mine.
     G                                                     C
4.  Now this old hammer it rings like silver
                         G      D                   G
and shines like gold, it shines like gold.
     G                                                                   C
5.  It's a long way to Harlan, it's a long way to Hazard
                             G       D                          G
Just to get a little brew, just to get a little brew
     G                                                                C
6.  I'm goin' on the mountain just to see my baby
                               G      D                               G
And I ain't coming back, Lord, I ain't coming back.
     G                                                                  C
7.  That nine pound hammer that killed John Henry
                             G   D                          G
Ain't a gonna kill me, ain't a gonna kill me.
     G                                                             C
8.  And when I'm long gone just carve my tombstone
                                 G     D                             G
Out of number nine coal, out of number nine coal.